art museum honors 2, elects officers

The Art Museum of Greater Lafayette recognized Barbara Reed and Lausch Photography for their service on October 21.  Reed received the Louis A. Weil Jr. Award for Volunteer Leadership.  She chaired the special events committee that brought the community the Lions and Tigers and BEARS Oh my!  public art exhibit this summer.  Lausch Photography was honored with the Art Museum Presidential Award for Extraordinary Business Leadership.  Ed Lausch has provided photography support for the museum's events and publications.

The Art Museum elected the following officers for 2016:  Meg Ellis, President; Jeanne Norberg, Vice President; Barbara Reed, Secretary; Teresa Downing, Treasurer.  It also added six new board members:  Aurelio Curbelo, Rob Galbraith, Janet Jones, Denise Laussade, Natalie Powell, and Lisa Schrader.  They will serve for three year terms.

Retiring Art Museum board members, following 6-year terms, are Rita Cox, Adam Henson, former treasurer; Jeff Love, former President; Sue Holder-Price, former President; Deb Swick, former Treasurer; and Renee Thomas.

The Art Museum of Greater Lafayette Foundation board elected the following officers:  David Bathe, President; Stuart Boehning , Vice President; Alfonso Gatmaiten, Secretary; and Thomas Reed, Teasurer. Inga Maresh and Sue Holder-Price were elected to the board.